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Fiber & Herbs


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Fibre and Herb tablets contribute to your dietary fibre intake.

Complete your Core Nutrition range with Fibre & Herb tablets. Fibre is the most important dietary factor for
helping to maintain normal gastrointestinal function*, which is why adults are recommended to consume 25 g fibre per day**. However, most people do not meet their daily fibre needs. Research shows 72 % of men and 87 % of women do not reach the recommendation of 25 g fibre per day***. If your current fibre intake is low, increase fibre consumption gradually and drink plenty of water.


  • Contains oat fibre together with parsley
  • Provides 3 g fibre per daily recommended serving

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of whole grains can help you meet your daily fibre requirements. If you are struggling to eat enough fibre, taking a fibre supplement can help you to reach the recommended daily fibre intake of 25 g per day.

2 tablets, three times daily with each meal, together with a large glass of water.
Enjoy this product within a balanced and varied diet as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fibre and Herb
180 tablets #3114

* Oat grain fibre contributes to an increase in faecal bulk.
**EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition, and Allergies (NDA).EFSA Journal 2010; 8(3):1462.
***UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS)

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